June 20, 2021

Family Violence (Part Three)

Frequently, one family member may be a target of violence initiated by another member. Such violence is called “family violence” and is defined as an action or the threat of an action by a member of a family or  household that is intended to cause physical harm, bodily injury, physical or sexual assault, or reasonable […]

Helping Children Cope with Divorce (Part Two)

Helping Children Cope with Divorce   There are a number of programs to assist children with the disruption and trauma of divorce. The important thing  for divorcing parents to understand is that divorce does not mean the end of the family: Even when the marriage is dissolved, the parents will remain parents. Even in the […]


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consists of several different processes all designed to resolve a dispute without resorting to “full-blown” litigation.  Avoiding litigation may result in less expensive, time, and bitterness that can accompany contested family law matters. There are pro’s and con’s  to each alternative method and the type of family law issue you are […]